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Compact Disc, Video Game Disk & DVD Repair

Scratch Gone is the one-stop, simple solution for all your DVD repair, compact disc repair and video game disk repair needs. We have state-of-the-art resurfacing equipment at our facility to refinish and polish your DVDs, CDs and game CDs into like-new condition. Before and After Comparison

DVD Repair

Whether you're doing compact disc or DVD repair, you'll want the most professional and cost-effective results. Unlike over-the-counter repair solutions, we repair the DVD surface using a high-speed, wet sanding and polishing process that leaves the surface of the DVD virtually scratch-free. Our movie repair process works for both single and double-sided DVDs and produces spectacular results. As a consumer, you can get your movie collection into tip-top shape for yourself, or to sell on Ebay or CraigsList. As a merchant, you can send us your worn DVDs and get them into like-new condition for added DVD rental revenues, or to sell in like-new condition. Read more about DVD repair here.

Compact Disc Repair

CD repair and scratch removal is even more versatile than the DVD process. When you compare the thickness of the plastic on a CD disc vs. a DVD, repair can occur more often and on deeper gauges. On a DVD, the thin foil layer containing movie data is closer to the surface than with CDs. Repair your music CDs multiple times and never miss a beat. Read more repair service information about compact disc repair here.

Video Game Disk Repair

Compact disc game repair is just as easy as music CD repair and DVD disk repair. When you consider the average retail price for a video game CD to be in the $50 range, a few dollars to repair your scratched CDs is nothing in comparison to what it cost in the first place. By refinishing your games, you have the opportunity to play them longer, or considering the average total play time for a game to be around 30 hours, you'd do better to have us remove those scratches for you and trade in your PlayStation or XBox games for new ones for a better deal. Read more about video game disk repair here.

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