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Compact Disc Repair

Forget going to the store and spending $18.99 to replace your favorite CD, and don't waste time hunting down that out-of-print music CD in basement shops all over the country. For just a few dollars, you can repair a scratched compact disc at Scratch Gone and have it in like-new condition in no time at all. Our CD scratch repair equipment is state-of-the-art, and your used CD discs will be returned in like-new condition.

CD Repair - Scratch Removal

Our CD disc repair service is simple. Pop your scratched disc in the mail and we'll fix the CD in no time at all. We fix a scratched CD by running it through a wet-sanding process using microprocessor-controlled equipment, which in most cases will completely eliminate every visible CD scratch by gradually grinding away the worn layer of plastic. This multi-step process gets completed by a fine polishing stage and most CDs come out looking brand new (see below). Unlike a home CD repair scratch kit, which can leave your valuable compact discs in worse condition than they started in, our CD scratch removal process uses the latest technology and innovation to yield the best results possible.

CD Disc vs. DVD Repair

There are slight differences between the repair of a CD disc and a DVD. Essentially, every data disc - from computer software to games to DVDs - has a thin foil layer impregnated with information. In a DVD, this layer is around the middle. With a music CD or game, this data layer is closer to the label side of the disk. This means that you can fix a CD more often, and remove a CD scratch that is far deeper than a scratch on a DVD. In short, CDs are very easily salvageable. When you get your CD back from us, you'll find that we remove every scratch and the results are spectacular. Check out our CD repair comparison pictures and chart and decide for yourself.

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